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Hey to all Ron/Luna fans out there! Theres a great story in called Immaginary by Hermione's Twin. She a good H/Hr writer too but I really liked her R/Lu story! Ron/Luna stories need all the help they can get for lets face it there not a lot of ron/luna fans out there and this story is good. I think that if you like R/Lu and H/hr this is a great story to read!
So Go read it! I think that people will like it!

Title: Imaginary
Author: Hermione's Twin
Rating: G
Summary: Luna's not your ordinary girl, and Ron doesn't like anything that's not normal. So Luna gives Ron a glimpse into her life to make him understand that being abnormal isn't such a bad thing. My first R/Lu one shot with some H/Hr.
Reviews: I dont know, im not the author

Go to Portkey and Read okay!

XXX Rachel
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