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The Prefect Blend Journal

The Perfect Blends for Us!

The Prefect Blend
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Welcome to the Prefect Blend Community!

Here you have fanart, fanfiction and discussion à volonté. It’s all about Harry Potter and our favourite ships: Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, and Ron/Luna. You have cute stories or pictures? You have an opinion to declare about the Harry Potter universe? Post them here and let the other members enjoy them and check them out.

Plus every month there’s a contest! For ship of the month, for fanfiction and fanart of the month: Yours could be the lucky fanart posted on the front page! Or be the lucky person to have their fanfic announced publicly as the winner!

There’s only one rule: Don’t post stuff that’s breaking the ships we stand for!

Also dont hesitate to Introduce yourself, maybe give us some of these information:

Name: (real or just user)
Favorite HP Book:
Favorite Ship(s): H/Hr D/G or R/Lu or others

Enjoy your new favourite ship group!


1. No Breaking Ship!

-This is a shipping site for H/Hr, R/Lu, and D/G.

-People joined this community for they sail and like either one or all or of the ships here. Please dont post anything that will be breaking any ship in the community and by doing so breaking the safe haven the shippers have come for in the community.

-We understand that people might not like all the ship that are sialed here but please keep the other ships that are breaking our out of the community.

Examples of how to break a ship:

-Post a story that has Draco and Hermione as a main ship.

*--This is breaking the D/G and H/Hr ships! Not Allowed!

Examples of how to break the ship:

-Post a story that has Draco and Hermione in it but the main ship are Ron and Luna!

*--The main ship of the story is Ron and Luna. So even though Draco and Hermione is breaking our ships its fine for the Ron and Luna relationship is over powering the background realtionship of Draco and Hermione.

-Post a story about Neville and Lavander, or Maybe Lucuis and Narcissa, or etc.

*--The ship is are not breaking any of the ship we sail in the group so it fine. So if you only want to share you story to the people in the group but doesnt have any of the ship we provide in the story. It's Aye-Okay!

-All of the above also applies to Fanarts!

-Avatars that comes with poeples post are an exception!
I cant control poeople's avatars so you can use the one you have! But only the one that you post with, dont post avatars that are breaking ships in the group!

2. There will be a monthly contest base on the Ship of the Month. What kind of contest and what's a Ship of the Month?

-Ship of the Month

Ship of the Month will be one of the ship that is sailed in this Community. So it will either be D/G, R/Lu, H/Hr or there will be a month when its an All Ship month meaning all the ships are the ship of the month. The ships rotate every month and will be change every month. In the beginning of each month when the ship is chage the next month ship of the month will be announce, to give everyone a chance to post or nominate a fic for the next month, For every month a fanfic and a fanart will be pick to be a Fanart and Fanfic of the month.

-How the Monhtly contest work?

The Monthly winners will be chosen like this. The moderators of all the Prefect Blend groups and community will pick there favorite story and art from individuals that were nominated or one of use really liked a fanfic a lot. Then we vote from the top fic and art and whichever have most vote from the moderators will be the fic and art of the month.

3. Rating: If you have a fanfic that is either R or NC-17! Please give a big Warning sign! We might have members that are underage or not into that stuff. So please give Warnings and also rating!

4. If Posting or Recommending a fic give the fallowing information:

Author: (Let us know if you wrote the fic or someone else did)
Rating: (remember the Warning)
Reviews: yes or no

Recommending are allowed!

5. No fighting! I dont think i have to explain that! Just Be Nice!

6. No Bashing! There will be no bashing of any kind in this group. Not on the ships we sail, ship we dont share, charaters, fanfic and fanarts people post. Give comments and opinion! Dont Bash! Be Nice!

-Examples of Bashing

*--Draco's charater sucks!
*--Draco and Ginny dont belong with each other for it how the heck is that soppuse to happen.<-- Totally not allowed!
*--Ron and Hermione ship suck!
*--You fanfic or fanart sucks!
^^ All of the above are not allowed! Dont Do It!

-Examples of opinions or critques!

*--Draco's charater could be written with a little more details and a little nicer!
*--I dont like to sail the Ron and Hermione ship for I strongly believe in the H/Hr and R/Lu ships.
*--I think that the fanfic or fanart could have been much better. Maybe spend a little more time on it and think more throughly about the story or picture.

We dont need to be mean to give opinions!

Warnings and Punishment!

I believe in second and third chances so this is how it goes if a rule is broken:

1st Warning: Well be told of by a Moderator

2nd Warning: Well be told of by a Moderator

3rd Warning: Kicked out of the Community

Please lets all try and be nice to each other. I dont really want me or the other moderators to sound like teachers or parents, we all want to be everyone's friends

If you dont want to fallow the guidelines in the Community but still want to see whats going on around here. Add as in your friend list and you can still see what people are posting!

I hope you enjoy the community and make lots of new friends. Enjoy and Welcome to Prefect Blend!