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The Prefect Blend Journal

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Aug. 7th, 2005 @ 06:38 pm
Hello! =D New member to the community!

Name: Allison (This journal I am currently using is my writing one. My real LJ is staff_of_truth)
Age: 18
Favorite HP Book: Definitly Order of the Phoenix. I still dunno why people dislike it so much. =(
Favorite Ship(s): Ron/Luna and Draco/Ginny are two of my absolute favorites. I'm actually not a big fan of Harry/Hermione (sorry harmony fans ^^;) but I do respect the fans of it and do believe that it is as plausible as any other HP ship. Other pairings I adore are Harry/Luna, Harry/Ginny, Neville/Luna, Draco/Luna, Viktor/Hermione, Snape/Lily, Snape/Lupin, and Hermione/Luna.

I noticed this community is rather abandoned. ;_; I know HBP discouraged some H/Hr fans from supporting it but...there's always AU and such! ^_^

Anyway, I shall return sometime with some ficlets! Stay tuned. =D
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Ship of the Month! May. 20th, 2005 @ 01:05 am
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Draco and Ginny is May's Ship of the Month! Post your Fire and Ice fanfic now to be considered to be fanfic of the month! Good Luck!

XXX Chel
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finally getting around to posting my fics here... Apr. 13th, 2005 @ 02:03 pm
I'm Sarah, better known as bingblot in fandom and this is my ficlet/fic posting journal. Feel free to friend this journal to read ficlets and fics before I post them anywhere else.
Age: 22
Favorite HP book: PoA
Favorite HP ships: H/Hr, L/J, R/Lu with occasional forays into D/G.

My latest fic...
Title: Something Like Love
Author: me (Bingblot)
Rating: G
Summary: It all started with a dream... And now Harry's developed a sudden obsession with something he really should not be thinking about: kissing Hermione...
Disclaimer: Everything HP-related belongs to JKR, etc.
Reviews: Yes, please.

(Something Like Love, Part 1)
(Something Like Love, Part 2)

Also, my authorpage on Portkey, where you can read the rest of my fics (now numbering more than 50 for lots of H/Hr and some D/G along with some L/J).
Other entries
» Ship of the Month!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hey All!
I just wanted to annouce that this month ship of the month is The
Prefect Blend Ships, that mean all the ships are the ship of the
I'd like to say sorry for the long delay for I havent had time to
change it. Been really busy.
I would also like to encourage everyone to post fanfics and fanart
about this ships in the group so that we can have an election in the
year furute.
So Post guys!

XXX Chel
» Oh my Gosh!
I just read a very sad H/Hr story! But it was so good! I loved it so much! You guys should really check it out! I literally had tears in my eyes and was crying when I was reading the story! Since its pretty amazing to make me cry like that(okay maybe not so much, when i like a good sad story or movie I always cry) and on Valentines DAy! It really good guys! The only thing I didnt like was the Neville and Luna pairing and Draco was a bad guy but it was just a quick metions of both! So check it out in out Guys!
Go to Portkey.org look for the Story called Metting Destiny by Cronje!

Also Happy Valentines Day Guys!
» Ship of the Month

The Ship of the Month is Draco and Ginny! Fire and Ice!
Post Post Post!
» (No Subject)

harry and hermione


» Recommendation
Hey to all Ron/Luna fans out there! Theres a great story in portkey.org called Immaginary by Hermione's Twin. She a good H/Hr writer too but I really liked her R/Lu story! Ron/Luna stories need all the help they can get for lets face it there not a lot of ron/luna fans out there and this story is good. I think that if you like R/Lu and H/hr this is a great story to read!
So Go read it! I think that people will like it!

Title: Imaginary
Author: Hermione's Twin
Rating: G
Summary: Luna's not your ordinary girl, and Ron doesn't like anything that's not normal. So Luna gives Ron a glimpse into her life to make him understand that being abnormal isn't such a bad thing. My first R/Lu one shot with some H/Hr.
Reviews: I dont know, im not the author

Go to Portkey and Read okay!

XXX Rachel
» (No Subject)

I want to post a Draco/Ginny poem here, And I want to know what you guys think of it.

The poem is actually a part of a story Im writing right now, so if you like the poem please read the story when it comes out ! :-)!

Title: Truly Know

Author: Rachel (Me)

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Its a D/G Poem that is a part of a story I am writing. Hope you guys like it!

Genre: Angst

Truly KnowCollapse )

» Hey All Im back!
Hey guys im back! And first of all I would like to say Happy New Year for I know i havent said it yet! And Im glad to be back and I tend to make up for lost time... but not right now for i am tired and Im a little sick! So Later!

XXX Rachel
» Indiviadual Banners!
I made individual banners for each of the ships!

ron and luna

draco and ginny

harry and hermione

Some News!Collapse )

» Hey! I have a question!
I've been wondering if there was a way to invite people in the group! If anyone know please tell me! And tell me how!

XXX Rachel
» YeY!
YeY theres a new member in the group! Hi cinnamon_kisses! Im so glad that you can join me in this group! Hopefully i can invite more people here! And there will be more of us! So yeah your lucky number 1! Thanks for Joining and Welcome!

Your Welcome to invite people you want!

» Yeah I made a background!!
Its not the greatest, but hey it a background! i cant complain! I sure hope people start joining this community! Im getting very lonely when I spend my time here all alone when im not in the other group! I need to get inviting! I just need to figure out how to invite people!

» Okie so I didnt get it! But now I do!
I have to click on the pencil thingy to post here! okie now I got it! Now on to invinting people! If anyone is reading this! please join the group if you like this ship! i hate being alone! really im quite friendly!

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