Bingblot (avonlea_dreamer) wrote in prefectblend,

finally getting around to posting my fics here...

I'm Sarah, better known as bingblot in fandom and this is my ficlet/fic posting journal. Feel free to friend this journal to read ficlets and fics before I post them anywhere else.
Age: 22
Favorite HP book: PoA
Favorite HP ships: H/Hr, L/J, R/Lu with occasional forays into D/G.

My latest fic...
Title: Something Like Love
Author: me (Bingblot)
Rating: G
Summary: It all started with a dream... And now Harry's developed a sudden obsession with something he really should not be thinking about: kissing Hermione...
Disclaimer: Everything HP-related belongs to JKR, etc.
Reviews: Yes, please.

(Something Like Love, Part 1)
(Something Like Love, Part 2)

Also, my authorpage on Portkey, where you can read the rest of my fics (now numbering more than 50 for lots of H/Hr and some D/G along with some L/J).
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